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Teaching to Every Kid – Unmasking III

March 16, 2022 @ 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Unmasking III: How to Use Higher-Level Thinking to Disrupt Stress & Anxiety

Free virtual workshop open to all Early Childhood Educators in New Mexico

In Dr. K’s previous workshop series, you learned how to befriend distraction and set learning conditions to stabilize and promote safety, readiness, and well-being within your learning community. This workshop series extends that knowledge and focuses on the process of unmasking, which is learning to identify the root of a child’s behavior and performance issues. Dr. K will deepen your knowledge about the executive functions, how and when they develop, ways that they can be altered in certain learning conditions such as dyslexia, attention disorders, or autism spectrum disorder, and how they can be affected by trauma and pandemic stress. She will teach you how to recognize the behaviors of executive function so that you know how and when behavior masks your opportunity to foster learning potential. She will teach you how to unmask threat, stress and anxiety and disrupt those states using analogy, metaphor, and higher-level thinking that can be nested in the play routines of young children.

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On the fence? Here is some wonderful feedback from Dr. K’s fall sessions:

August 7, 2021
Dear Dr. K, thank you again for your thoughtful and meaningful counsel.  I was thinking about some of the readings we were assigned in graduate school that were so condescendingly obtuse I could not suss out the meaning. Somewhere I have saved the most densely populated bloviation I have ever come across in which only one word was known to me—I recall ‘solipsistic’ being in there somewhere but can recall little else, including the content.  I used to compare those tortuous readings to the articles I read in the New Yorker magazine, in which some of the greatest minds wrote about extremely complicated and layered topics but made them accessible to anyone willing to spend the time reading.  Your presentation reminds me very much of the best articles. I have pre-ordered your book from Amazon, but was wondering if you have any extras currently I could purchase so I won’t have to wait until September.  I imagine not, but I am so excited to read and cogitate and re-remember the information which I know I mentioned has re-energized and inspired me.  I look forward to learning and exploring with you in the future.

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March 16, 2022
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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