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Virtual Workshop: Tales of Animal Tails and Adaptations

Free workshop led by Explora Educator! Come explore amazing animal adaptations! What is life like without an opposable thumb? Can you engineer ears for different purposes? Discover connections between literature and hands-on STEAM activities during this two-hour workshop. Fill out this form by June 14 to register!


How Trauma Influences Connection in Learning

Free virtual workshop open to all Early Childhood Educators in New Mexico Dr. Kalbfleisch's workshop series is based on her upcoming book, 'Teaching to Every Kid's Potential: Simple Neuroscience Lessons to Liberate Learners' (W.W. Norton, Sept 2021). These workshops will follow the book's first three chapters that outline paradoxes about how our brains learn and […]


Free Statewide Virtual Workshop: Water Wonders

Free virtual workshop lead by an Explora Educator! Bring your own water! We will get our hands wet as we make discoveries about water. Experiment with absorption, adhesion, and surface tension. What discoveries can you make about plain water versus salt water? How many drops of water can you fit on a penny? Fill out […]