Free Virtual Workshop:¡explora! Easy Breezy!

A virtual workshop for early childhood educators, librarians and out-of-school time providers (2 CEU hours) "Catch" air to see that it takes up space, use air to do work, and […]

Free Virtual Workshop:¡explora! Water Wonders

A virtual workshop for early childhood teachers, OST professionals, and librarians(2 CEU hours) Bring your own water! We will get our hands wet as we make discoveries about water. Experiment […]

Free Virtual Workshop: Student Success? It’s As Easy As T.L.C!

Mr. Buchanan explores specific alternatives to common consequences; dives deeper into the role educators play in providingmotivationtobooststudentperformance;andexplains therole ofinternalmotivation of adultsin theeducationprocess. Finally, he underscores the impact of relationships in […]