INCENTIVE$ Early Childhood is a public-private partnership designed to help create a stable, highly-qualified early childhood education work force in New Mexico through the provision of pay supplements. As of October 2014, INCENTIVE$ is now available across the state of New Mexico.

The supplements encourage early childhood educators to take more college classes to gain expertise about young children and to commit to continuing to work with children ages birth to 5.


INCENTIVE$ is such a wonderful way to promote staff retention and give them the extra appreciation that they deserve.  As a director, INCENTIVE$ was a simple and effective step towards improving quality in my program."

--Chrissy Jeter, Director, Western Heights Learning Center, Albuquerque

INCENTIVE$ and T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® New Mexico work hand-in-hand to give young children well-educated teachers committed to careers in early childhood education.


The program is based on a proven model – Child Care WAGE$® - in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and it is an affiliate of that program.

From 2010 – 2012 INCENTIVE$ carried out a successful pilot program in Santa Fe County with about 25 participating educators. The pilot had no turnover of teachers in its first two years and modest turnover the third year, with most teachers without degrees getting more education each year.

NMAEYC then launched INCENTIVE$ in the SW Quadrant of Bernalillo County in the summer of 2013 with a grant from United Way of Central New Mexico. This program was again successful, and expanding in the Fall of 2014 to the rest of New Mexico, to support an estimated 125 educators.

INCENTIVE$ helps us want to continue to go to college to be a better teacher for these kids. I just saved the money INCENTIVE$ sent in order to get a laptop computer.”

--Janeth Alvidrez, teacher, The Children's Center, Albuquerque

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Your financial support can make a tremendous difference for New Mexico's early childhood educators and the children they teach. Every donation counts and your contributions are tax-deductible.

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Interested in seeing if INCENTIVE$ is a good fit for you?  Check out INCENTIVE$ eligibility requirements, learn how the salary supplements work, get more questions answered on our FAQs page, or go ahead and apply for INCENTIVE$.


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