How can I participate in INCENTIVE$?

Interested child care and education professionals must meet the eligibility requirements. They can then complete an application and provide verification of:

  1. Current employment in a child care and education program
  2. Current wages
  3. Educational credentials as verified by an OFFICIAL college transcript 

Do I need to be a T.E.A.C.H. Scholar to apply?

No! You just need to have completed at least at least 5 credits of early childhood coursework or have at least 70 credit hours of well-rounded coursework in any field AND be working with children under five at a child care program. See eligibility requirements.

Do I have to be a current student to apply?

No! INCENTIVE$ will reward you for courses completed in the past.

How much will I receive?

Salary supplements are tied to the education level of the recipient. The amount of the supplement increases as the level of education increases. Please see the salary supplements page for more information.

How are supplements received?

Each participant who meets the requirements for the INCENTIVE$ Program and remains eligible will receive a check from NMAEYC after the completion of her or his six-month commitment period. Checks are typically mailed by the end of the seventh month (following commitment period completion). 

Commitment periods run from mid-month to mid-month and are established by NMAEYC for each individual participant using application date, start date and education documentation. The installment is based on half of the annual award amount and reflects the schedule worked during the six-month period. All payments are contingent upon funding availability.

How can I increase my supplement level?

Participants in the INCENTIVE$ Program may increase their supplement amounts by gaining more education. The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Program offers scholarships to child care and education professionals who want to earn course credits toward early childhood credentials or degrees.

Documentation of increased education must be submitted to the INCENTIVE$ staff in order to qualify for a higher award amount. All educational levels noted with asterisks on the supplement scale are temporary.  Participants at those levels MUST advance to a higher level within either two to three years depending on position to remain eligible.

Do I have to pay taxes on my supplement?

The salary supplement is income. Participants will receive an IRS-1099 form at the end of the year if they received $600 or more from NMAEYC during the calendar year. Recipients are responsible for paying any personal income taxes due.

What if I move to another program?

Checks are issued to participants after each six-month period of work in the same early childhood program. If a participant moves to another qualifying program within the six months, then the commitment period must be reset based on her/his employment date at the new site. 

This policy is designed to encourage more stability for the children in care and to discourage participants from changing programs. If a participant is transferred within a program to work with children five or older, the participant is not eligible during that time. If s/he resumes working with children under five, a new commitment period may be established.

What is my child care center's responsibility?

A center must agree to provide verification of an applicant’s employment status and wages and agree not to use participation in the project to offset normal wage increases. 

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